In my waffles house, there will be...

I’m starting this blog…
… because I can no longer contain my enthusiasm for things like Roasted Potato Leek Soup or Raw Spiced Baklava. I’m going into one of those phases where being a house wife wouldn’t be a horrible thing because then I could spend all of my time obsessing over food. Oh, and household decorations. I know that this obsession is mainly due to my having excess mental energy to burn because I’m not quite as intellectually stimulated as I would like at the moment, but at least I’m channeling it to a good place, right? Right?

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C3PO Descending A Staircase by John Mattos
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Ilusões… on We Heart It.
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Nutella Shake by Dishes From My Kitchen
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I love brick any which way; black white brown stone rough stone
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Yoyogi Village @ Shibuya, Tokyo (via fancy)
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